I use prescription medications, is it safe to work with a nutritional therapist?

As part of the paperwork completed before the initial consultation, you will be asked to detail all the medication you take. I am trained to check for drug-nutrient interactions before making any recommendations. If you are on medication, it generally means I will email you a supplement recommendation sheet after our appointment rather than you leave with it on the day of consultation.

How many consultations should I have?


Everyone is different, with different health issues, backgrounds and aims. Some clients may feel they need just one appointment, although it’s more usual to work with a client over a three-month period of 2-3 appointments. There are some clients who engage over a much longer time frame, but with less frequent appointments.

It is difficult for me to get to the locations you practice from; can you do Skype or phone consultations? Or home visits?


A face to face appointment is preferable for your initial consultation, although if this is not possible Skype or phone consultations can be arranged. Follow up appointments can be conducted via Skype.


These types of consultations are charged at the same rate as face to face appointments.


Home visits can be arranged, but may incur an additional charge to cover travel time and transportation.

Will you recommend testing?


Often, completing the initial assessment paperwork will give us a clear direction and area of focus to support your health, but functional testing may be recommended to provide us with further information.


Clients may opt to focus on accessing testing in order to gather as much information about their health as possible.

Will you recommend supplements?


The nutrition plan provided will always ensure a focus of ‘food first’. I will provide a supplement recommendation sheet if you wish to incorporate supplements into your programme. Often supplements can support you in achieving your aims more quickly, or are a better fit with your lifestyle.


Your decision will form part of our initial consultation discussion.

What payment methods do you accept for consultations, supplements and tests?


If you visit one of my office locations, it is preferred that you pay with cash.

If the consultation is via Skype or phone I ask that you pay via bank transfer.

For supplements. I will recommend you purchase in the local shop or will provide online details of where you can purchase.

Testing payments vary depending on the company carrying out the testing, but often they are made directly to the testing company. Specific details will be provided when testing is agreed and ordered.

What is your cancellation policy?


I understand that unexpected issues arise meaning that appointments have to be rescheduled. I ask that you give 48 hours’ notice where possible, allowing me the option to offer the appointment to someone else, but of course understand that there are cases of emergency that come up without warning. Where appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, I ask that you cover the expense of any room rent.


I ask that you appreciate that I am a small business and appointments are booked on a one to one basis.

Is the information I give you secure?


Your privacy is important to us.


The information you give to us will be stored in a secure manner, whether electronic or paper based.


To help you understand how we protect your data, you can access our Privacy Notice and the Data Protection Policy in the Contact/Fees/Privacy area of the site.

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